photos Ginger's Gallery


Ginger Milk Bee

Birthday8/1/2004, 12:15am

Age: Twenties
Cerberus Project Delf
Head: Lishe
Body: Delf mature female body
Skin: White
Eyes: 18mm blue-green HG eyes.
Customizations: Body blushing, ear piercing by Evenstar Design. Original faceup from Cerberus Project. New faceup by Engelmech Dolls.
She came from: Cerberus Project in July 2004.

Ginger is the first doll that I brought home. When I saw pictures of her, I thought she was gorgeous. I chose to get her in white so that she could easily cosplay as R. Dorothy Wayneright. I asked that she be painted up like another doll on the Luts website at the time but with softer eyebrows. I got a Lishe with angry eyebrows, but I liked her anyhow. Gen repainted her for me in January 2008 and made me a Ginger more like the Ginger I'd originally envisioned.


photosRoger's Gallery


Roger Isao Smith


Age: Twenties
Make: Volks Super Dollfie 13 limited Isao Nanjou, DP11 version
Head: Isao Nanjou
Body: SD13 boy body, long legs
Skin: Pureskin normal
Eyes: 18mm Zoukeimura Thin Blue
Customizations: Faceup and body blushing by Evenstar Design.
He came from: The Doll & Hobby Shoppe in August 2004.

I thought Isao looked a lot like Roger Smith from The Big O. Guess what anime I was really into when I got into the ball-jointed dolls? I liked his smirk and I liked his lips, things that most people seem to hate about Isao Nanjou. I tried to give him Roger's crazy eyebrows, and sent him to Evenstar for a faceup. She made him look a lot better, but like an ass I ruined his faceup one day while trying to clean something on his face. His new face makes him look gentle but kind of mischevious, and very young. I like!


photos Jet's Gallery


Jet Bucket


Age: Late teens
Volks Super Dollfie 13 limited Jun Tachibana, DP12 version
Head: Jun Tachibana
Body: SD13 girl body, large bust
Skin: Pureskin normal
Eyes: 18mm Sweety Eyes #2, low-dome.
Customizations: Faceup by Engelmech Dolls.
She came from: Haute Doll Magazine in November 2004.

When I saw Jun Tachibana, I was smitten. I actually got some money from the credit union on the advice of my neurologist, who actually told me that she prescribed me this doll, heh. I don't regret it a bit. She's the cutest doll ever and she's also the one that my husband is least afraid of knifing him in his sleep. Her wide, innocent eyes, the sweet smile... what's not to love! She is full of optimism.


photosBellina's Gallery


Antimony Bellina


Age: Late teens/early twenties
Volks Super Dollfie limited Mai,
Head: Liz/Mai
Body: SD Girl Suwarikko Body, tabi feet
Skin: Pureskin normal
Eyes:18mm Zoukeimura Thin Blue
Customizations: Faceup, body blushing, and mani/pedi by Evenstar Design.
She came from: The work of three kind friends at Tenshi no Sumika in LA Opening Fair on November 20, 2005.

I regretted missing out on Liz, and when Volks announced plans of their LA store opening to be commemorated with the release of alternate versions of Madoka, Liz, and Anais, I decided in the end that the doll I most wanted to pursue was Mai. The day that I checked in for my flight to LA, I got some horrible news: one of my friends from work had died that morning. I cancelled my flight and my plans and spent the next several days mourning the loss of a sweet girl that I was just starting to get to know better. My friends Annette, Connie, and Mercy rallied efforts to bring this gal home for me. It was an incredibly sweet gesture that I'll never forget, making this doll (named in honor of my friend but usually going by Bellina) that much more precious to me.


photosLulu's Gallery


Lulu Bee


Age: 8 years old
Make: Volks Mini Super Dollfie limited Toppi, DP Nagoya 2 version.
Head: Toppi
Body: MSD Girl Suwarikko Body
Skin: Pureskin normal with UV protect
Eyes: 16mm Volks HG Goldenrod
Customizations: Faceup and manicure by Engelmech Dolls.
She came from: Volks USA online on February 6, 2006.

Toppi was another lucky second chance! I missed out on her Dolls Party release, but the Volks USA store had her in stock at the same time that I won a cash award from work. Whee! I know where that's going to go! She's really cute, kind of bratty looking. I always call her Toppi instead of Lulu.


photos Ichigo's Gallery


Ichigo Kurosaki


Age: Mid-to-late teens
Volks Super Dollfie 13
Head: FCS F-31
Body: SD13 boy body, L-02 long legs, FO-02 tabi feet, H-04 gun hands, E-08 human ears
Skin: Sunlight with UV protect
Eyes: Isao Nanjou's 18mm Volks HG Rosewood eyes
Customizations: Satogaeri sanding and coating services
He came from: Tenshi no Sumika LA on August 6, 2006.

All right! I decided to flounder my credit at the Volks Customer Appreciation Event in LA during the summer of 2006 on this guy. I wanted a weeaboo doll that would represent Ichigo from Bleach. I was going to get an F-16, but my pal Char talked me into this guy. I got him with little elf ears, intending to sand them down into people ears, but to my great luck Volks released some people ears for Tenshi no Sato in Kyoto as an exclusive. I traded my elf ears with DoA user Jenova for people ears. Everyone wins!


photosVictory's Gallery


Victory Bee


Age: Early twenties
Volks Super Dollfie 13 Standard Elena
Head: Elena
Body: SD13 girl body, large bust
Skin: Pureskin normal with UV protect
Eyes: 18mm Zoukeimura Thin Green
Customizations: Faceup by Engelmech Dolls.
She came from: Volks International website online on September 23, 2007.

Victory was a wedding/birthday present to me from my husband. I thought she was adorable, and Gen made her even adorable-er. It's hard to say who's my favorite right now... Bellina or Victory. I had no idea what to name her (Elena's my middle name, so I thought about maybe just keeping her name as Elena), and then the Red Sox won the 2007 World Series, so I realized that her name was Victory.


photosPenny's Gallery


Penelope "Penny" Winters

Birthday2/5/2008 (head), 10/24/2015 (body)

Age: Late twenties
Volks Super Dollfie
Head: School Head C (教室ヘッドC)
Body: SD girl body circa 2003
Skin: Pureskin normal
Eyes: 16mm Mystic Blue Jelly
Customizations: Chin reshaped and eyes enlarged slightly; faceup by Engelmech Dolls
She came from: Secondhand acquisition

This cute School C head is from Gothiclibrarian, whose website was one of the first I ever saw when I got into the dolls with the ball-joints. I never even entertained the possibility that I could become the owner of this lovely gal, so when the opportunity presented itself, I grabbed some bucks from my doll fund and leapt. Gen of Engelmech painted her for me with my request of green shadow and even glossed her lips in awesome green glitter gloss over pink, which is stunning, let me tell you.

Her body was acquired just this past week in October 2015. My friend Steph had a body for sale for a very, very reasonable price, and I could not resist. Finally, Penny is whole!


photosFox's Gallery


Foxtrot "Fox" Sierra


Age: toddler
Volks YoSD Megu
Head: Yo "Four sisters"
Body: YoSD girl
Skin: Pureskin normal
Eyes: 16mm Zoukeimura Ash Violet
Customizations: None
She came from: Volks USA

When the YoSD four sisters were announced for Dolls Party 19, I, like many others, were pretty jazzed about these guys and the prospect of bringing one home. Those emotions were quickly hosed down to the ground when it was announced that they would only be sold in person at DP19. Powned! Volks decided to presell some via lottery at Dolpa in NYC, so I decided to try my luck at Megu. I got lucky! Yay! She's paid for, so all she needs to do next is show up at home. After that, she needs eyes, clothes, and shoes...

Fox was rescued from a government lab. She has PSYCHIC POWERS. Also, she really likes peaches.


photosPluto's Gallery


Sailor Pluto

Birthday10/6/2015 (order date); 12/23/2015 (arrival)

Age: Vague adult
Volks Super Dollfie 16
Head: FCS Amethyst
Body: SD16 girl
Skin: Pureskin ebony
Eyes: Volks HG Vermillion with white lines
Customizations: Faceup by Engelmech Dolls
She came from: Volks USA

One of the dolls that I've always wanted eventuallywas a Sailor Pluto doll. She is my favorite Sailor Moon character and has been for a long time. As you can see here, I haven't updated this site since 2008, so I haven't given a dime to Volks since that time as well. In the interim, I've moved back to fashion dolls (Pullip and her pals, a couple of Monster Highs, Ever After High dolls, Azone dolls, plugging a couple of holes in my "vintage" Sailor Moon doll collection, and a few good Barbies). It's sort of cheaper that way. Sort of. Anyhow, Gen, one of my best pals, has gotten me back to being enthusiastic about Super Dollfies, along with the influence of our other mutual local doll pal, Essie. A few days of dithering over it, and I got me a nice Amethyst ordered. She arrived right before Christmas and she's my new favorite (sorry, other dolls).

Fox female

Mio and Emi

Birthday3/11/2016 (order date); 3/28/2016 (arrival)

Age: Vague adult
Alchemic Labo Unoa Quluts 1.5
Head: Lusis/Sist
Body: SD16 girl
Skin: Paradise Skin
Eyes: Enchanted Doll Milky #56 10mm
Customizations: TBA
She came from: Unoalchemy

I've wanted a Unoa Sist for about a zillion years. When I heard that a tan Unoa was in the works, I flipped out. I am nutty for tan dolls. I had no idea what I was going to do, was I still feeling imaginative enough to make up a little story for her, I have no idea. When the box arrived, the story kind of wrote itself. Mio and Emi are two consciousnesses who share a body. They're from another dimension where there are more consciousnesses than bodies, so they have this weird symbiosis thing going on. TO BE CONTINUED!